Nothing spreads the holiday spirit like Infectonator-- and by "holiday spirit" I mean zombie virus. Your objective for each level is usually to kill or infect a certain number of people. You get one chance to drop your infection where it will do the most damage, then sit back and watch the mayhem.

Even if you don't hit the level's quota on the first try, you still earn money for every person you infect or kill and for damage to property. You have to manually collect the coins using your mouse, and then when the level is over, you can use them to upgrade different aspects of your virus.

My favorite part of the Infectonator series is the speech bubbles. In this Christmas version, they say things like "Merry Christmas" and "I love the snow" which quickly change to "Baby Jesus!" and "Santa's dead?!" once you unleash the zombies. Overall, this game is fun and Christmassy, but pretty simple. Of course, you can always try the other Infectonators if you want more of a challenge.

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