You're so bored in science class that you decide to do some doodles where you're being attacked by zombies, science teachers, fish-- all sorts of crazy things. Defend yourself with your ink gun by shooting their heads until they blow up like a balloon. When you earn enough experience, you can use it to buy better weapons.

It may look like just some innocent doodles, but don't be fooled, this game is harder than it looks. You'll need to be quick to keep your stickman from getting eaten. Some of the monsters even throw ink back at you.

Whatever you're being attacked by, remember to aim for the head. Good aim, platform-jumping skills and the right weapon will help you survive... at least until the bell rings. Soak 'em with ink 'till their heads pop!

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What would you do if your girlfriend turned into a zombie? I mean, just because she's a zombie doesn't mean you can't still date her, right? Right? This game seems to think you should still be able to... but with some ground rules.

This is a puzzle game where you try to get your zombie girlfriend into the cage so you can safely love her without her eating your brains all the time. You have to get close enough to her to get her to follow you without letting her touch you. However, if you die you can retry the level as many times as you need to.

As the levels get more difficult, there will be all sorts of obstacles to overcome and it will require some real finesse keep your relationship alive. The theme of this game is executed perfectly-- the story, the music, the stick figures-- it's the softer side of the zombie apocalypse.

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You're a pixelly dude fighting pixelly zombies on the streets of London. There's a butcher shop, a dog pound and a gun store for your convenience. All three have helpful items to help you fight zombies, but it's going to cost you.

The currency in this game is number of zombie kills. Spend it wisely because the more you kill, the higher the level, and then you unlock bigger and badder zombies to fight. The nice thing about the level system is that when you die, you can retry the current level you were on, but you get to keep any kills you had from your previous attempts.

There are cars and buses scattered around the streets too, which you can use to shield yourself from zombies. Though they are fairly strong, they won't last forever, and can be destroyed by zombies or by shooting them. When they explode, they can release a health pack, a temporary speed powerup, or a chainsaw which makes you invincible while you have it.

play Big Pixel Zombies

Defend your base from the evil undead swarming from all directions. You can nail some more planks on that window or shoot the zombie trying to break through it-- you have to choose.

As you get into the higher levels, the zombies are faster and the area you have to defend is bigger. It becomes impossible to prevent a breach, so you'll probably end up having to fight the zombies up close and personal. Luckily, the money you earn from killing zombies allows you to get some great new weapons and upgrades, such as radar.

This game is great because you can choose your own strategy. You can stay in one place and let the southern end of the farmhouse fall, or you can try to run back and forth repairing barricades as often as you can, or you can try to save all your money for upgrades-- there are so many possibilities. A combination of good aim, solid defenses, and spending your money wisely will help you survive this mission.

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The zombie apocalypse has begun and a group of survivors is broadcasting from Haven Island, but there’s a catch-- you have to get there in time. You have to fight through the first wave of zombies just to get to your car, but once you’re in it, various obstacles are going to slow you down. Each time you stop, you need to fight through a wave of undead until you get your keys and make it back to the car.

This isn’t just your ordinary shooter either. When you kill zombies, they drop mystery boxes, containing the most mundane, seemingly harmless objects. However, when combined in a certain way, they form an awesome zombie-blasting weapon. If you overuse a weapon, you’ll run out of ammo, so you need to keep picking up those boxes to get more. As you play on, the boxes will get you better and better weapons for maximum zombie carnage.

This game is tough, but so much fun. The zombies get faster and more terrifying as they swarm you from all sides. My best advice is to keep moving, which of course, makes aiming more difficult, but that’s the beauty of this game. Keep your marble shooter close my friends, and make it to Haven Island alive!

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