Somewhere near the Mexican border, waves of undead are popping up, and it's up to you to stop them. Play as Jaqueline, a sexy cop whose precinct must have a very loose dress code, or as Miguel, a machete-wielding motorcycle dude.

Take down as many zombies as you can, picking up guns, health, tequila, and other helpful items as you go. When your tequila bar reaches the halfway mark, treat yourself to a tequila-themed superpower. If you get killed, use the money you've earned to unlock new weapons and items.

As the waves get harder, the zombies get more difficult and more creative. Swarms of zombified rodents and flying dragon-esque bombers are just a few of the non-traditional zombies you’ll face. Margarita anyone?

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This game is just like any other fun, fast-paced driving game... but with zombies! Not only are you trying to escape the zombie apocalypse with your life, but the military is actively trying to thwart you at every checkpoint. Luckily, you can hear them on your radio, so you have a bit of a heads up before they open fire on your vehicle.

Did I mention you get to kill zombies with your car? Nothing beats the feeling of hitting a zombie dead on at top speed, and you're rewarded with zombie guts exploding all over your windshield. Sweet, satisfying zombie carnage.

This game is an awesome mix of a driving game mixed with a points-based upgrade-your-vehicle game, mixed with a fight-the-man-'cause-he-won't-let-me-out-of-the-quarantine-zone game. Super fun and highly addictive. Pop the clutch, hit the gas, and splatter some zombies!

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The third instalment of The Last Stand completely shatters to confines of the previous game. No longer are you stuck inside of a fort, desperately shooting zombies all night, and reading about recruiting survivors during the day.. now you're free to roam Union City!

Completely customize your character, and play through a complete mission based storyline worthy of any console game. The Last Stand: Union City feels very true to the play and design of the first two games, but gives you a whole city to play in.

Search houses, make allies, gather weapons and fight your way through Union City, one of most ambitious flash games I've ever seen!

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While there are plenty of overhead shooters in the Zombie genre, Endless Zombie Rampage really stands out for us. The graphics are crisp and visceral and the pace of the game is slow enough to give a novice time to get a feel for the game, while fast enough to be very challenging as the levels progress.

With a good selection of weapons upgrades, we've enjoyed hours of fun playing through this game, and we aren't done with it yet!

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Most of us thought it was over, when we survived 20 nights and the helicopter came to rescue us from the nightly onslaught of zombies. Something went wrong in that helicopter, it crashed, and now 40 days have passed since the horrible memory of that failed escape attempt. This time, you need to make your way to Union City, searching buildings for supplies, weapons and survivors by day, and defending yourself by night. This time, you must also supply other survivors with weapons, and you can set traps for the zombies.

The gameplay is essentially the same, which is what we love - a simple zombie defence game that can get really hectic in the later levels. The new gameplay twists are a welcome addition, and keep the game interesting in a way that sequels often don't.

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