When I first played Sonny, I was blown away. I could not believe that Armor Games had managed to create a flash game with all of the RPG elements of a Final Fantasy game. Sonny's storyline and turn based fighting style are only enhanced by the very complex ability modification system. You are able to customize what abilities you learn, and upgrade each individual ability as you gain experience. There is also a very large selection of weapons to buy and win in battle.

Above all of this, Sonny's storyline is compelling. I haven't completed it yet, but the gamer is quickly emersed in figuring out what is happening. Sonny seems to have been brought back from the dead. He is fighting zombies, and soon the government becomes involved and tries to kill him too!

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Sean Cooper has finally released the 5th game in the epic Boxhead series - ZOMBIE WARS. Zombie Wars is a big leap forward in terms of game speed and new features. The fight has now been taken outside, and strategy now includes base building and turrets (which deal out lethal punishment to zombies).

I am not sure how much further the Boxhead series can go at this point without releasing full multi-player worldwide support. The series has really matured, but in some ways is not much different from the first halloween game it was at the beginning. Still, this is one of the classic time wasters, and it's great to have some new levels to play. The game features classic modes and base defence modes, so start playing ZOMBIE WARS!

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Dead Frontier has burst onto the online zombie game scene this year and really set a new standard for graphics, atmosphere and gameplay. With the release of Night Two, Jagged Blade Software gives us a zombie horror game which is actually scary. With eerie sounds, and unrelenting zombies that approach us in undying numbers. This is a game that feels hopeless, and yet you are driven to complete it, and the % COMPLETE indicator at the top of the screen helps to encourage us onwards. In this release, the level is much larger, and they have introduced headshots. Poor shots from far away do less damage then well placed shots from close up.

If they were able to add a storyline, this is a game that could truly become a platformer. It's a pleasure to play, and I can't wait to see what future Nights have in store for us.

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Most of the best zombie games feature level ups, new weapons, and nightly waves of zombies to attack. Dead of Night is the same style of game, although it focuses much more on strategy and base building then just having the most powerful weapons. In Dead of Night, you must fortify your base with strong walls and traps - and you've got a medic and a scientist to protect so that they can help you win.
The zombies come in very large waves and amusingly burst into flames every morning, so as long as your base allows you to survive the night you'll stay alive even if you don't kill every zombie. Post your best scores and how many nights you survived!

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Guitar Hero with ZOMBIES? We Are Legend is the best Zombie game I've seen in a while. It's a ton of fun and a very unique change from the "horde" of overhead and shoot-em-up games I see. In We Are Legend, you use Guitar Hero like controls to roast oncoming zombies and play some "killer" music at the same time. Don't worry if you miss a note, a massive dude with a chainsaw and a killer hellcat are standing by to gore any zombies to death that may slip by your fire traps.

Give this game a try and let us know your scores in the comments! I guarantee you'll love roasting zombies with your blazing licks!

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