In many ways, Project Validus is the ultimate overhead zombie shooter. Like many other similar games with overhead city views, you must move through the streets collecting ammo and killing zombies while leveling up. Somehow, Project Validus steps this up a notch with smoother gameplay and VERY aggressive zombies. While I wouldn't mind if the zombies were a little SLOWER, you can soon increase your speed to give yourself a break.

Project Validus also features 3 soundtracks, and the level up system isn't so complicated or time consuming that it takes away from the gameplay. Great zombie game!

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This isn't one of the most popular zombie games out there, in fact we just found it recently - but this one sure is a lot of fun.

With goofy animations, you start out with a chainsaw in the cemetary and must clear each zome of zombies before moving onward.

There are tons of weapons upgrades to get, and the game is very challenging. This one really gets us laughing the way the zombie slayer's arms swing around!

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The Boxhead series of games stands out as the best Zombie shooter out there. The maps are fun and the weapons are creative and destructive. My personal favorites are the barrels. I love to barricade myself behind some barrels and wait for the zombies to pile up around me, then blow the barrels up killing tons of them.

Killing lego zombie men is very addictive so I recommend you make sure your boss isn't going to come by!

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Sometimes the best games are the simplest. In Teh Zombie, you choose between 5 different weapons to swing at a screen full of green zombie stickmen. Don't hit the blue ones though! The bigger the weapon you choose, the more zombies you'll kill - but the harder it is to avoid the innocent blue guys. Have fun!

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This game is a lot of fun because it combines strategy and shooting skill. At night you must search for survivors and for weapons upgrade, but with searching comes the risk of losing party members. During the day you defend your fort and try to survive 20 days until you can be rescued.

Once the zombies start RUNNING towards your makeshift wall, this game really gets tough so you'd better have your weapons upgraded!

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