Again? Yes, you've run out of fuel and crashed in the desert for a second time! But don't worry, just like the original Earn To Die, you've got your trusty old car and a garage to fix it up in. This time, I have a feeling you're gonna make it.

You may not get very far on your first day, but spend your money wisely, and you'll be mowing down zombies left and right in no time. You earn money after each day based on how far you were able to go, so buying gas is important. Another important upgrade is the boost, which will help keep you rolling well after you're running on fumes.

The machine gun is great, because it automatically shoots zombies and you don't even have to do anything! The catch is, you need to buy a bunch of ammo, because it gets used up pretty quickly. Getting a zombie impaler for the front of your car is pretty satisfying too.

When you do finally max out the upgrades on your car, keep in mind that you can save up your money for unlocking new cars with their own upgrades. And if you can get to the checkpoint, you unlock a new map. You've got a long road in front of you and it's covered by zombies, so put the petal to the metal!

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Did you ever wonder whether or not you'd survive the real zombie apocalypse? Haven't we all wanted to test our skills and zombie knowledge? Well, this is your chance to get a detailed analysis of your zombie-related survival skills.

This game starts with a bunch of warnings about loud sounds and startling images. If you're not faint of heart and you want the real experience, they recommend playing in a dark room with the sound turned up. Even in my kitchen with the lights on it's creepy.

The thing that I really like about this game is that it doesn't just ask you questions, it actually tests you. There's a shooting range, an observation test, and others mixed in among the questions. None of us can know for sure how we'd fare if zombies really existed, but with this test, you'll have fun and maybe even learn a little something too.

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This is a great game made better by a hilarious theme. Like any other strategy defense game, you need to earn money to buy defenses. Since the game is set in a trailer park, you earn your money from salvage yards, which you can build more of to earn money faster.

You can also build a variety of other buildings to make new kinds units. Each one has a special strength that will help you fight the different types of zombies heading your way. Ultimately you need to protect your own base (A.K.A. trailer) and take out the zombie base to win.

Even if you beat this game once, there are several difficulty levels and the game times you and keeps track of your best time. You can also submit your time to the online leader board. So grab your banjo and straw hat-- it's zombie trailer park time! YEEEEEE-HAW!

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The zombies are coming-- and they're not just going to line up and file in in an orderly fashion. Oh wait, that's exactly what they're going to do. Yet even in Normal mode this game is no cake walk.

Watch the scrolling bar in the lower righthand corner of the screen. It tells you which type of zombies the next few waves will contain and when they'll be arriving. Different types of zombies require different types of towers to defeat them, so you need to plan accordingly.

You earn money for every zombie that you kill, so as the waves get more difficult, you can buy more towers. If you save up your money, you can buy some really powerful, zombie-destroying machines. With over 60 levels and 4 difficulty modes, this game has a ton of zombie defense for you to enjoy.

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The zombie train is pulling into the station and you know what that means-- shoot anything that moves! You're stuck on a train that's barrelling down the tracks and every time it stops you're swarmed by zombies from all sides. Shoot as many as you can and you might just survive long enough for the train to start moving again.

You earn money from killing zombies, which you need to divide between buying new weapons, upgrading your defenses, healing and buying ammo. I recommend focusing on getting stronger barricades, because you can't defend the entire length of that train all at once. As you increase levels the zombies get really tough really quickly, so you're going to need powerful weapons too.

To be honest, this game had me in panic mode from the first level. The zombies are tough, the train is hard to defend, and you only get a brief moment to breathe between stations. Keep an eye on your radar to avoid zombies sneaking up behind you. Don't forget to press spacebar occasionally to 1) check if you have enough money to buy something useful and 2) take a break from those zombies! Woo-woooooooo-- all aboard the zombie train!

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