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Game Review: Rolling Fall 2 - Blog at Kill The Zombies!



There are a lot of games where you slice the rope (or in this case chain) and try to complete your goal based on the physics of the environment. This one keeps me interested because it's challenging, but not so hard that it's overly frustrating. Oh, and your goal is to smash zombies in the face with a wrecking ball!

You don't have to knock the zombies off their platforms, just make them fall over, which is a big distinction. Often times, I don't even hit the zombie with the ball, I knock over some kind of crate or something which then barely touches the zombie, but just enough to knock him over. Strangely, when a zombie falls on another zombie, they don't interact at all, so you can't fling one zombie into another, you need a wrecking ball, crate, or some other object.

My favorite level so far has been one that incorporates 1) more zombies than wrecking balls 2) good guys that you can't knock over and 3) moving platforms. Which zombies do I hit with which wrecking ball? How should I time it so that the platform will be just at the right height to kill the zombies? Why does that stupid good guy keep getting in the way?!

With so many different variables interacting, this game has complicated, but interesting puzzles... and zombie face-smashing!

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