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Game Review: Sas Zombie Assault 3 - Blog at Kill The Zombies!



Defend your base from the evil undead swarming from all directions. You can nail some more planks on that window or shoot the zombie trying to break through it-- you have to choose.

As you get into the higher levels, the zombies are faster and the area you have to defend is bigger. It becomes impossible to prevent a breach, so you'll probably end up having to fight the zombies up close and personal. Luckily, the money you earn from killing zombies allows you to get some great new weapons and upgrades, such as radar.

This game is great because you can choose your own strategy. You can stay in one place and let the southern end of the farmhouse fall, or you can try to run back and forth repairing barricades as often as you can, or you can try to save all your money for upgrades-- there are so many possibilities. A combination of good aim, solid defenses, and spending your money wisely will help you survive this mission.

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