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Game Review: Zombie Train - Blog at Kill The Zombies!



The zombie train is pulling into the station and you know what that means-- shoot anything that moves! You're stuck on a train that's barrelling down the tracks and every time it stops you're swarmed by zombies from all sides. Shoot as many as you can and you might just survive long enough for the train to start moving again.

You earn money from killing zombies, which you need to divide between buying new weapons, upgrading your defenses, healing and buying ammo. I recommend focusing on getting stronger barricades, because you can't defend the entire length of that train all at once. As you increase levels the zombies get really tough really quickly, so you're going to need powerful weapons too.

To be honest, this game had me in panic mode from the first level. The zombies are tough, the train is hard to defend, and you only get a brief moment to breathe between stations. Keep an eye on your radar to avoid zombies sneaking up behind you. Don't forget to press spacebar occasionally to 1) check if you have enough money to buy something useful and 2) take a break from those zombies! Woo-woooooooo-- all aboard the zombie train!

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